Why Post Your Company's Marketing Jobs at MarketingHire.com?

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Why Post Your Marketing, Advertising & PR Jobs at MarketingHire.com? The answer is in the quality of candidates in the MarketingHire.com and Marketing Career Network (MCN) databases.  

Posting your company's marketing, digitial marketing, search engine marketing, search engine optimization, advertising, social media, communications, public relations (PR), CRM, marketing research and sales jobs with MarketingHire.com enables you to reach members of America's most respected associations like the American Marketing Association (AMA), Business Marketing Association (BMA), Direct Marketing Association (DMA), AAAA, ARF, WOMMA in addition to MarketingHire.com's own database of marketing professionals (largely built from our sister publication, Marketing Today), providing you access to more than 750,000 high quality marketing professionals. These candidates tend to be highly focused on keeping their job skills up-to-date and a high percent tend to have advanced degrees (more than 30% of candidates in MarketingHire.com's own database have advanced degrees).

A partial list of MarketingHire.com's MCN member partners. Job postings at MarketingHire.com also appear in these organizations job boards: 

Advertising Research Foundation (ARF) American Advertising Federation (AAF) American Association of Advertising Agencies (AAAA) American Marketing Association AMA (various chapters)
Direct Marketing Association (DMA) Promotion Marketing Association (PMA) Social Networking and Media Association The Global Association for Marketing at Retail
Trade Show Exhibitors Association Word of Mouth Marketing Foundation (WOMMA) Council of Public Relations Firms American Association of Inside Sales Professionals


  • Some of the companies that have posted jobs listed at MarketingHire.com:

    Microsoft, Nike, Disney, Unilever, Google, eBay, GE, Dell, Accenture, Progressive, Newell Rubbermaid, Hewlett Packard (HP), Dow Jones, Abbott, Shell Oil, Intuit, Yahoo!, Comcast, US Cellular, Dyson, Eddie Bauer, FedEx, General Motors (GM), Gap Inc, Priceline, Sony, Watson Wyatt, KPMG, Kellogg, Prentice Hall, Philips, Del Monte Foods, CDW, J Walter Thompson (JWT), Honda, L'oreal, Dominos, LexisNexis, Time Warner, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Capital One, Western Union, Young and Rubicam, Bosch, McGraw-Hill, March of Dimes, AHA, NBA, Coors, Hilton, HSN, Victoria's Secret, DHL, Sith Barney, Maidenform, Godiva, Transunion, TV Guide, Boise Cascade, Williams Sonoma, JP Morgan, Charles Schwab, Equity Office, Motorola, Dyson, H&R Block, Vanguard, Yamaha, Thomson, The American Red Cross, Sage Software, Bacardi, Georgia-Pacific, Siemens, Malt-O-Meal, Virgin, Marriott, Princess Cruises, Booz Allen Hamilton, John Hancick, Amp'd Mobile, Merril Lynch, McCann Erickson, Visa, Jockey International, United Airlines, Harte Hanks, Wells Fargo, Home Shopping Network, Kohler and more.

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Stil need more reasons?

A Booz Allen Hamilton study found that 51% of companies found new employees through the internet. It also found that while big general internet job boards received 27% of companies recruiting advertising budget, these boards only generated 15% of new hires. Recruiting professionals often find that, while general job boards (e.g., Monster, HotJobs, CareerBuilder, etc.) can yield great quantities of resumes, the qualifications of these candidates tends to be all over the map, but commonly it's difficult to sift through a pile of resumes of mostly poor quality candidates.

Even more, these career sites often have programs that compensate other websites for getting a job seeker of any caliber to apply for a job posting. One major job site pays $1 to other website for each candidate who applies for a job, regardless of a candidate's qualifications. MarketingHire.com enables employers and recruiters to reach a highly targeted audience of highly qualified, marketing, advertising, PR, research and sales professionals. We do this through being part of the Marketing Career Network, an alliance of the most respected US marketing associations, including the AMA, DMA, BMA, AAAA, WOMMA and PMA. MarketingHire.com shares the same resume database of job candidates and job listings as these associations. When you post a job on MarketingHire.com, it will also be posted throughout these leading marketing associations sites.   

  • Sample Our Job Seekers Areas of Experience 
    Reach thousands of highly skilled job seekers in each of the below areas (note: this is only a partial list) -- not including unregistered job seekers:
Advertising: Account Management Marketing Research: Client Service
Advertising: Ad Sales Marketing Research: Management
Advertising: Creative   Marketing Research: Other  
Advertising: Media Planner/Buyer   Marketing Research: Project Manager  
Advertising: Research/Planning   Marketing: Administration  
Brand/Product Management   Marketing: Analyst  
Business Development   Marketing: Communications  
Customer Service   Marketing: Management  
Direct Marketing/CRM/Database   Marketing: Other  
Event Marketing   Promotion  
Faculty/Academic   Public Relations   / Corporate Communications / Internal Communications
Internet Marketing / Online Marketing / Digital Marketing   Sales  
Marketing Research: Analyst   Social Media
Business Intelligence Search Engine Marketing
Competitive Intelligence Search Engine Optimization
Content Marketing Marketing Analytics
Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Marketing IT
Mobile Marketing Email Marketing
Marketing Legal Data Scientist

Other Niche Marketing Job Sites Do Not Compare

Ask other niche marketing jobs websites staff specifically where their registered candidates come from. Sites such as MarketingJobs database of job seekers built as a result of Internet users using general search engines such as Google. This is likely to result in job seekers with qualifications similar to that of big general job sites, only in significantly smaller quantities. Ask them what percentage of their candidates have four year degrees or better. After all, placing a listing with them means candidates that are only as good as their database. Note that sites like this also lack good content -- a key factor in keeping candidates coming back. Some questions to ask are: "How fresh are your database job candidates?" "Did they register years ago and not return regularly?" "How many of these candidates are actually from the United States?" "What steps do you take to ensure your candidates are of a high caliber (i.e., if you are not affiliated with recognized job sites or associations do you really have any control over candidate quality)?" You'll also find a fair degree of invalid candidates when you build your jobseeker database this way (a search of MarketingJobs website on April 9, 2005 revealed candidates such as "Home Services Assistant" with the name "Fresh Start" -- an example of how a website job board built primarily through search engine traffic can result in lower candidate quality). 

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